Tuna Patties and Creamed Eggs

Every once-in-awhile you get a craving for a special dish.  Well, yesterday that was what my mom was craving.  My aunt had left some hard-boiled eggs in her refrigerator, so I decided I would make that for her.  Unfortunately, when I got there; there were no raw eggs there to make the tuna patties.  So, […]

Home Grown Iron Chef

Last night I visited the Scott Community Home Grown Iron Chef Competition at the Farmer’s Market at Trinity Terrace Park in Davenport.  If you have ever watched Iron Chef on the food network, there is nothing like seeing this competition live.  Unlike the TV version, the chefs in this competition do not know their secret […]

“More Broccoli, Mom!”

“More Broccoli, Mom!” How did I get her to decide that broccoli was her favorite?  Well, here is my strategy for all foods: That’s what my little one said (she is a very picky eater at 5-years-old) .  Let me tell you that I was so excited, I almost tripped back to the table to […]