“More Broccoli, Mom!”

“More Broccoli, Mom!”

How did I get her to decide that broccoli was her favorite?  Well, here is my strategy for all foods:

That’s what my little one said (she is a very picky eater at 5-years-old) .  Let me tell you that I was so excited, I almost tripped back to the table to get her some more!

  • Keep serving them and putting them on their plate.  From Girl Scout Day Camp, we have the “three bite rule.”  That means you take three bites of something new to try it.  As you probably have guessed, these bites are pretty small some times!

  • Role model.  Eat and enjoy new foods — especially the ones that are good for you!  Try new things yourself with the “three bite rule.”

  • Get the family involved.  Our older daughter (8-years-old) decided she liked broccoli.

  • Make it fun.  We have decided that broccoli is little trees.

  • Pick the most flavor-friendly portions to serve — for broccoli, this is the flowerettes.

  • Let them help in the preparation.

  • Point out new dishes in magazine pictures or on TV to spark their interest — or at least let them know that other people eat these foods, too!

  • When all else fails, serve it with something else they really like — with broccoli, cheese is a perfect match.  I have even made cheesy spaghetti with broccoli which is a favorite meatless dish for our family.

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