Getting Started

Time to bake the donuts – no, wait, that’s an old television ad. Time to make the cookies, Even though it’s October, it’s not too early to start the planning for the holiday baking. In my case, it’s not too early to actually START the holiday baking, but more on that another time. I like […]

Joining Lori’s Blog

Last year during the Holiday season Lori asked me to join and blog about my cookies and baking. Well, in the true fashion of a side-tracked Mom, I am just getting around to joining now. Truth be told, when we talked about it last year, I was on the tail end of my baking with […]

Cookies from Cake Mix

Yes, I have been avoiding going to the grocery store! It seems like such an ordeal these days! I needed something for a potluck, and it had to be dessert (I read the flyer too late!). I wanted a finger-food dessert, so I thought I would try making cookies from a cake mix. I remembered […]