Tuna Patties and Creamed Eggs Gets a Makeover

Here was my mother’s recipe: 1 can chunk light tuna packed in oil (9 1/4 oz) 1 can white tuna packed in water (7 oz) Drain tuna, rinse with warm water and drain again. Flake tuna in a large bowl and add: 3 c soft bread crumbs (about 6 slices done in blender) 2 eggs […]

Tuna Patties and Creamed Eggs

Every once-in-awhile you get a craving for a special dish.  Well, yesterday that was what my mom was craving.  My aunt had left some hard-boiled eggs in her refrigerator, so I decided I would make that for her.  Unfortunately, when I got there; there were no raw eggs there to make the tuna patties.  So, […]