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No-Fuss, No Recipe Veggie Burgers

The main ingredients are beans, oatmeal, onion, and ketchup.  Substitute beans with other vegetables or a combination of beans and veggies.  Substitute the oatmeal for another bread, cracker, or filler.  Substitute ketchup for tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce, or even plant-based milk.  Add any flavorings you like! Here are a couple of my favorite combinations: Using Black […]

Spice it Up!

I have been trying to get control of my spice inventory.  I am finding that I am using them more, now, in my Paleo way!  It is certainly one way to change flavor without the “usual” ingredients I used before.  A long time ago, I created this Google Doc Template for a Spice Inventory.  I […]

Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day

I ordered this book for my Kindle, and I couldn’t put it down.  The premise of the “5 minutes” is that you have the dough made up and waiting for you in the refrigerator.   You then take it out, shape it, allow it to rest for 40 minutes, meanwhile you set your oven to come […]

What to do with Turkey

This year was a bit different for our holiday Thanksgiving meal.  We were doing “off holiday” celebration with the in-laws which means that we needed to do something on Thanksgiving Day with our family.  Because of mom’s failing health, I decided to order the whole dinner from our local grocer, Hy-Vee.  My plans were to […]

Favorite Kitchen Tools

Here is Chef Meg’s reference for her favorite kitchen tools are.  I had not thought of the coffee grinder for spices, but it sure makes sense.  I think I’m also going to pick up a Y-peeler and also start pounding my meat — just to see if that really is better!NEW: Chef Meg’s 6 Favorite […]