Cookies from Cake Mix

Yes, I have been avoiding going to the grocery store! It seems like such an ordeal these days! I needed something for a potluck, and it had to be dessert (I read the flyer too late!). I wanted a finger-food dessert, so I thought I would try making cookies from a cake mix. I remembered having a recipe in Jr. High Home Ec on how to do that. Not being able to find that, I scoured the internet for a recipe.

Here it was:">

1 box cake mix
1/4 c oil
1/4 c water
1 c treats (oatmeal, M&Ms, raisins, etc.)

I gave it a try using chocolate cake mix and oatmeal and raisins for my treats. I baked them in the new convection oven at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. I tested at 10 minutes, but that wasn’t long enough in my oven.

The result: A tasty cookie, but too dry for my likings. Next time, I think I’ll put in a little applesauce to make them more moist.

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