Your Tastes Will Change

At first after adopting a vegan diet, I thought I could maintain still serving animal products to my husband. I don’t think that lasted a month. My husband got a ham as a gift, and I did manage to cook it for him. He came in the front door and asked with a disgusted tone, “What’s that smell?” I replied, “meat.”

While he does go through the drive-up windows and orders the combo number meat specials, he often will order a salad of only vegetables.

While I didn’t fool him on my first attempt at carrot hot dogs, he has become accustomed to our family vegan way of life.

Impossible Cheeseburger Pie

When I started to answer my husband’s question, “What’s for dinner?,” he interrupted me to finished my answer and said, “Impossible Cheeseburger in Paradise.”

The recipe is from Kristy Turner’s But I Could Never Go Vegan book. I did use a refrigerated vegan pizza dough and made Tofu Cheddar Sauce for the cheese as my improvisation.

I think it will be added to our family favorites. It did use up some lentils that I had left over from making seitan steak.

Making Sushi with Avocados

I wanted to make some creamy vegan sushi with avocados, sweet potatoes, and Mayo. I was afraid the avocados would turn brown too fast, so I turned to the Internet and found this solution

Blanching! Well, I have blanched tomatoes before, but never anything else. So , I thought I’d give it a try. Turns out that is totally the solution! I experimented to see how long the sushi could be left out considering that would probably be set it on the table to serve people eat it and it was over 45 minutes and I didn’t brown. You must have avocados that are pure green inside, so make sure they are fresh. My go-to avocados are Aldi’s Organic Avocados.

Vegan Brownies

This site listed their brownie recipe as the “Best Fudgy Cocoa Browines.”  How could I resist?

Taking a peek at the recipe, I figured I could do a vegan substitute for the butter and make sure other ingredients were vegan-approved.  What should I do for the eggs?  My go-to for eggs has always been the flax/chia “egg” (1T of either flax or chia seeds with 3T water).  This time, I decided to be bold and daring and try substituting “Aquafaba” (read: broth from chickpeas) instead.  I was very surprised that after wire-whisking only 1 minute, my Aquafaba looked like whipped egg whites!

How to Convert Any Recipe to be Vegan

picture of milk and cashew milk


Instead of:

  • Milk substitute a non-dairy milk such as almond or cashew milk
  • Eggs substitute chia or flax seed eggs (1 egg = 1 T of chia or flax seeds with 3T water). This only works for baking — not for eggs in a bag!
  • Butter substitute vegan butter
  • Cheese substitute nut or soy cheeses
  • Meat substitute beans or TVP