Ham Loaf

This is Mom’s Ham Loaf recipe with a little Improvisational Gourmet at the end. 1/2 lb ground smoked ham dash pepper1/2 lb fresh ground pork small onion (minced)1/3 c cracker crumbs 1 egg (beaten)1/4 c milk 1/4 T saltMix above ingredients together and shape into loaf. Bake 20 minutes at 350 degrees. Boil together for […]

Basic White Sauce

This is a “must have” in your Improvisational Gourmet repertoire.  I learned this as “white sauce,” but later learned it is also called “béchamel.”. This sauce can be drizzled over any dish, calm down something a bit spicy for a nice contrast, be used as a cream sauce, and more! Save Print Basic White Sauce […]

Asparagus on the Grill

Asparagus on the Grill Originally uploaded by improvisationalgourmet When I think of asparagus, I think of the cold stringy, slimy, canned stuff that my mother tried to get us to eat. Well, asparagus has come of age and is certainly a lot tastier and appealing when prepared on the grill. Simply cut or break off […]

ABC Goodies

ABC Goodies Originally uploaded by improvisationalgourmet When I read about this combination, I thought is sounded interesting; but I probably would not have tried it if they hadn’t said it was simply wonderful. Well, it is! Just core and slice an apple (I love to use my Apple-Corer-Slicer-Peeler), mix with some fresh blueberries, and sprinkle […]