Spaghetti First

After a seven-plus hour drive to our cabin, the last thing I want to do is cook an elaborate meal.  With a little planning, you can have a quick and healthy, Improvisational Gourmet meal:  Spaghetti!

At home, I make my own spaghettin sauce (or pack a jar of store-bought-just watch the label closely if you are counting your sodium).  My family likes meatballs in their sauce, so I mix up my Mystery Meatball Recipe and then freeze them in my vacuum sealer.  I make sure I pack the spaghetti, too — we like Angel Hair Whole Wheat.

On the road, look for farmers’ market stands to pick up your favorite fruits and veggies (or if traveling at a time

other than summer, pack some frozen or canned fruits and veggies).

Remember “Spaghetti First” wnen you are needing a heathly meal at the end of your trip.

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