Happy Thanksgiving! Celebrate with the Perfect Pie Crust

Good Pie Crust

2/3 c Crisco oil
1/3 c milk
2 1/4 c flour
1t salt

Pour oil and milk into mixing bowl. Add flour and salt into liquids and stir with fork into dough that clings together and cleans the bowl. Pick up dough and work until smooth. Divide dough and shape into 2 flat rounds. Roll out between sheets of waxed paper for 2 9″ pie shells or one double pie crust. Bake as usual. 375 degrees for 15 min then
at 350 until browned.

My friend came over when I told her I was baking pies at my mom’s house.  She could not believe that I wasn’t just baking a frozen pie, but actually making my own crust and everything!  This is a super easy recipe.  It mixes up great, bakes great, and tastes great — it is a thin, flaky crust.

Mom always used this for all pies, but I especially liked the Lemon Meringue!  When you

are creating a filled pie, bake according to filling instructions.

I doubled this recipe and it made one mince meat pie, one open-faced mince meat pie, and a pumpkin pie. I also cover my crust edges so they do not get too brown  — use aluminum foil – or there is a little gadget you can get to cover the whole pie edges — available in 8″ and 9″ sizes.

 If you have any leftover crust (I didn’t this time) you can make pie cookie — simply have the kids help you roll out the dough and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar.  Yum!

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