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Last year during the Holiday season Lori asked me to join and blog about my cookies and baking. Well, in the true fashion of a side-tracked Mom, I am just getting around to joining now. Truth be told, when we talked about it last year, I was on the tail end of my baking with the Holidays looming on the horizon. Just wrapping up for the season was on my agenda along with all of the other Holiday festivities. Which brings me to this year. I am ready to go! Believe it or not, it is not too early to start the holiday baking. Where our good friend Lori is all about how to pull a great meal out of the hat, that is not my M.O.. Since cookies and baking are a formula, I don’t make a ton of important changes to the recipes. I am more of a “here is a system that I have tried” kind of girl. So, my articles are more about systems, tricks of the trade, and trial and error. I will be happy to post many of my recipes if there is a request or need for them. I try to work with a combination of super easy or what I like to call “stand on one foot” cookies, as well as some more intricate multiple step cookies. So grab your apron, oven mitts and favorite spatula and let the cookies begin!

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  1. Lori says:

    I am so happy that Kelly will be blogging with me. I think she will bring an exciting addition. We talk about these things all the time. I think the time is right to share with others. I think it will also help us both to blog more.

    Welcome aboard, Kelly!

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